Introducing Signage Seymour (and a wobbly guy)

When I was first creating this blog I sat at Magic Dude’s old laptop and had a discussion online with two of my besties – my Local Friend and my fabulous university housemate. I was running potential blog names by them and we settled on the name by a circuitous route which involved much laughing and being silly. But before we could even get started I had to explain my thinking… first of all I had to divulge that ‘Auto Gnome’ is my own daft take on ‘autonomic‘!

What followed included many imaginative ideas about how to use gnomes as part of the blog and yet I have not actually done so. How remiss of me! 😉

To be honest, (<whispers confidentially>) I think gnomes are pretty disturbing! And I wouldn’t want something like that to take away from the main themes and point of this weblog. But there is someone who has been waiting in the wings a long time and who I really must introduce, although I shall be keeping him on a short leash so that he doesn’t get out of hand!

So, let me delay no longer, and introduce to you…. Signage Seymour….!


Signage Seymour with his original sign


Seymour was a gift from my Local Friend and we decided that ‘Go Away’ was not really the message we wanted him to send! (Unless it was aimed at ill health of course)! So, as this month is CRPS awareness month, Seymour is now holding the banner pic’ currently adorning the blog’s Facebook page (and it is available for use if you want to purloin it), x

Signage Seymour, awareness pic 2013

Seymour is not a mascot for CRPS, though. Or Dysautonomia. Or hypermobility.
He’s more of a helper who holds important signage to allow me to get on with the writing bit! He has no battle cry simply because he does not go into battle. He’s more of a hold-your-coat sorta guy.

I like to think that I have a battle cry, mind you. When I feel like yelling “onwards” or “hurrah!” I sometimes remember that (like The Tick) my battle cry is “Spoon!”

If any of my conditions were to have a mascot though, what would it be?

– Something that bounces back time after time after time after…
– Something that takes the pain and still gets up to kick some arse!
– Something that isn’t dangerous until it’s cage gets rattled too many times in a row
– Something with hidden depths, hidden strengths and a life others cannot comprehend


So it looks like my mascot is…..


………………………………………………………….a Wolverine weeble!


Of course that means that the battle cry has to be an unintelligible at-my-wit’s-end / this-is-the-last-flipping-straw “Raaarrrrggghhh!” Hehe


Wolverine Weeble

A quick sketch on an egg is kiiinda like a weeble, right?!


And here’s the Facebook banner pic’ in case you want it to use..

CRPS awareness month, 2013

..or you can get it directly from the Facebook page, x

What do you think of this post? Elle and the Auto Gnome welcome feedback, x

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