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Below is a chronological list of blog posts – the most recent is at the top

Misinformation in legislation will massively impact trans kids in the UK

Trying the functional medicine option

Dark Light – A poem, and why I am currently looking at alternative medical thoroughfares

Why can’t some people safely mix yet? – Re Covid. It’s hard for us to explain the complexities of our conditions and why we’re so different from the general population. I hope to help a little with that…

The Screaming in my Head – erm, literally that. Anecdotally I have found that many patients have something like this happening that they have to try and function around when pain levels are high.

Some tips for dealing with isolation – written for healthy peeps having to cope with the isolation effects of enforced lockdown

Why healthy people’s panic responses to COVID-19 perplexes the chronically ill

No posts


My phenylalanine experiment – No motivation is very (very) out of character for me and it’s coupled with a severe lack of processing, memory, sleep, less appetite and an abundance of utter confusion. So this is my experiment to see if a supplement helps me as my diet no longer has the food sources in it.


The chronic illness Christmas card paradox

1-10 Pain Scale descriptors for patients and doctors

Trauma in a faulty nervous system – A faulty nervous system reacts differently to trauma. Treatment needs to reflect this..

TITLES - 2016

Coping with ‘still’ being disowned

Managing in a new home

Blog hiatus after having to give up the house we were buying, searching and eventually finding another home, buying it, moving home and getting through the initial stages of doing it up.


November 2015

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: time

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: flames and ice

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: my firey flaming CRPS ribbon

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: fear and coping

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: regained

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: happy

CRPS Awareness photo challenge: a pain aid

Losses and hope

Yes I still exist (honest guv’)

Blog hiatus whilst sorting house to move home, packing a bit a day for months, finding a place to buy.

TITLES, 2014

December 2014

Send in the clowns (New Years Eve)

CRPS and flu vaccinations

November 2014

Inspiring addition

Totally Tubular (Dumbarse) Tuesday!

October 2014

The Elusive Spoon

National Poetry Day in the UK

September 2014

Loss of a friend and raising awareness

Invisible Illness Week 2014

Suicide, the difference between wanting to kill yourself and wishing you didn’t exist

Interpreting new medical information

August 2014

One of those weirdly surreal days

July 2014

Poem of the sunshine heart

Autonomic stabilisation (attempt #3)

Tai Chi and adaptive Kung Fu update

Joyful moments from 2013 – the ‘Jar of Joy’ experiment went well 🙂

June 2014

CRPS – Frequently Asked Questions

Keep a Pharmacist in your health loop

Changing cars (with incidental comedy headrests)

What I did on my AWOL-idays

February, March, April & May 2014

Blog hiatus whilst creating CRPS FAQ for support group, is also available here
NB: also a lot of relevant links in the FAQ for Dysautonomia

Momentous occasion…. Elle and the Auto Gnome is 2 !

February 2014

Ankylosing Spondylitis on the McGill Pain Scale – as requested by a reader

January 2014

Raising CRPS awareness: ‘adverts’ and Crazy Sock Day


TITLES, 2013

December 2013

Sparkling determinedly for the New Year

Raising awareness through the awards programme, x – WEGO Health Activist Awards 2013, voting ends December 31st but you can help by clicking on the ‘endorse’ button for bloggers (link to the award nominees’ directory in this post)

Friends in my laptop and the festive season, xxx

A quick, easy and bargain way to make a difference – used stamps for charities

Festive physio’ stole all my spoons!

November 2013

It’s health activist nominations time!

An informal International network of CRPS patients (Posting on the same theme, on the same day, as some other CRPS bloggers)

Kung Fu achievement! (Yellow sash)

Something I didn’t think I could do (Photo Challenge)

Three quotes, possibly not the sort you’d expect! (WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

An Inspiring Friend (Photo Challenge)

It’s not all in your head! (Photo Challenge & WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

Healthcare wishes (Photo Challenge & WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

Taking ownership (WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

Introducing Signage Seymour (and a wobbly guy) (WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

I think I can, I know I can… (Photo Challenge & WEGO Health’s challenge for the day)

Momentous occasion…. twice as many visitors in 2013 than in 2012 already!
Thank-you, xx

Introducing myself… (Photo Challenge for CRPS awareness)

October 2013

 .                  Momentous occasion…. 150 lovely people following my blog.
Thank-you, x

I like to be useful!

Gabapentin (Neurontin)

Dysautonomia awareness month

September 2013

Thoughts on the international disability access symbol

SSRI stabilisation effects on the autonomic nervous system, and my muscle tension side effects

Hypermobility specialist appointment

Invisible Illness Week: my 30 things

August 2013

CRPS patients and dentist appointments

Ev’rybody was Kung Fu Fightiiiing – I got my white sash in Kung Fu!

Inspiration – the article I wrote for a book on inspiration for CRPS

Cluster migraine, a moment of painy poetry!

On foot or flying? – a silly pic

July 2013

Burning feet, orthotics, sandals and some magic!

Housewifey organisational dilemma (where’s my birthdays book?)! – poem

Mission accepted. The search in town…

 .                  Momentous occasion…. 500 blog post ‘likes’! Thank-you, x

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 30 – a pic’ of me waving

June 2013

.       Momentous occasion…. twice as many visitors in 2013 than this time last year!
Thank-you, xx

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 29 – Tai Chi with walking stick! 😉

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 28 – my pain heroes…. that would be my fellow patients 🙂

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 27 – something I am proud of – studying

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 26 – shared laughter

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 24 & 25 – a pic’ of my fave snack & a pic’ of my day

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 23 – awareness / creativity. Still being me.

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 22 – my smile and what it represents, it used to be a shield

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 21 – pain of loss through misunderstanding

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 20 – somewhere I would like to travel to

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 19 – A picture of my family (relating to many patients’ loss of family)

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 18 – a picture of my CRPS (I created a yin and yang piccy out of words that relate to my life with CRPS)

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 17 – something that’s made a huge impact in my life recently (my Tai Chi physio’s leading to national gold medals)

.             Momentous occasion…. that was the 100th post! Blimey!

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 16 – someone I am inspired by

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 15 – something I want to do before I die

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 14 – someone I can’t imagine my life without

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 13 – something that helps me cope (console gaming 😉 )

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 12 – something I love (patient advocacy online)

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 11 – a picture of my pain (circle where it hurts, hehe)

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 10 – something I’m afraid of (picture of my wallet card information)

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 09 – a picture of gratitude in pain

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 08 – a picture that makes me laugh

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 07 – most treasured ‘in pain’ item

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 06 – something I’d like to trade places with for a day

World Environment Day and Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 05 – something I wish I could change

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 04 – favourite song that helps me get by

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 03 – a picture of something that makes me laugh

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 02 – a picture of my comfort item

Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 01 – a picture of me

Thank-you ‘Blogging’ for choosing to feature Elle and the Auto Gnome, x

May 2013

Awareness ribbons

Conference presentation on wheels

Neuro-vascular autonomic consultant in London

April 2013

Tai Chi physio’s, a gold medal, and being proud of our achievements

Acrostic kinda-poetry

Patient contact and self-advocacy on Social Networks

If CRPS was an animal… (tee hee)

Dear older me…

If I could do anything as a Health Activist…

“Useful Links” page for fellow patients

Your certificate of awesomeness…

My Health Activist Weblog

WEGO Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge 2013

March 2013

Dissertation deadline day!

My CRPS journey to happiness

February 2013

Create your own personalised pain scale for better medical info’ (includes link to some superb templates for creating your own pain scale)

New year, new thinking

January 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to the Elle and the Auto Gnome blog!

Crazy Sock Day! A CRPS & Gastroparesis awareness day… with Crazy Socks 🙂

A Jar of Joy! (a way to store our joys and re-live them to ease the next New Year struggle)

How to stop laptops from falling on your head (for those of us who want to use out laptops whilst lying down)!

WEGO Health Activist Nominations

Always get copies of your hospital notes


TITLES, 2012

December 2012

Happy New Yeeeaaar!

Remembrance Day for the UK Disabled Dead

November 2012

If I could accomplish one thing in 2013….

Life and Death

Strength and weakness

CRPS Awareness Month

Soapbox and Superheroes: living at the centre of our medical info’ web (getting medical notes from UK hospitals)

The necessary addition of a Mary Poppins or TARDIS bag

Something I’d like to find out about…  (…sciencey electrical/magnetic energies from a Tai Chi perspective)

The weirdest thing about my health…  (the variability of my conditions)

National Health Blog Post Month

October 2012

An insomniac moment of poetry

Nominated for WEGO Health’s Rookie of the Year award!

September 2012

The mystery of the balloon-inducing insects  (oedema, swelling, insect bites)

McGill Pain Index, CRPS and Fibromyalgia

Disability protest barely covered on the news

August 2012

Supportive friends and my thematic writing style

Birthday treats and problematic food

More sharing of my disability article, thank-you again, xx

Sharing of disability articles and information, thank-you, xx

British disability benefits, shockingly shameful behaviour

July 2012

Olympic torch relay comes to an end

Awareness ribbon prettification

My Dream Day

CRPS Olympic torchbearer and her faithful companion

Open University “Blog of the Month”, awwww, x

June 2012

Amazing CRPS patient carries Olympic torch today

Studying with a temperamental brain

What I take with me to my doctors appointments

10 things of great value and assistance to me

Olympic torchbearing for Dysautonomia

May 2012

A non-neuro neuro? It’s probably quantum

A productive day (and I know where my towel is)!

Olympic Torchbearers Relay 2012 (The relay around the UK began on the day I posted this)

My theme tune

Dear 16 year old me…

Audience participation: a shared experience

Experiencing cognitive change

April 2012

“Keep Calm and….”!

Conversations in the Outernet

My Gnomic adventure in pictures

Writing Challenge takes down health-blogger in just 7 days!

Temporary cyborg and wearer of an invisible (purple) cape (my visits to cardiology, & what a tilt table test is)

5 Haikus…just because!

Pictorial beauty and magical moments

Why I also live in Cyberspace

What superpower would I choose?

This Too Shall Pass

Health Time Capsule

March 2012

 Studying from home

Comedy outcome of crossing the loud-music event-horizon

Made-up superheroes valiantly defeating insomnia…Daahn…da…da…daaah!

Of computer-housed friends, creaky holidays and tea-making superheroes!

February 2012

Tai Chi Glee!

The Hungry Bear that Lurks in my Coat-Cupboard! (‘fight or flight’ problems)


.January 2012

(blog went ‘live’ on 29th January)

Chinese New Year Celebrations

December 2011
(whilst still setting up the blog offline)

Uniqueness of our symptoms

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