Well I have a song stuck in my head at the moment. Not a song I’ve ever owned, but one I heard in the charts way back when. 80’s? 90’s? I don’t know. If I’d been asked to name Will Smith songs I don’t know that I could think of even one, (although I could probably sing the ‘Fresh Prince’ theme tune! hehe). But this one is in my head, and the words have changed because of what I was thinking of at the time!

So, what was I thinking of? Well, have you heard about the ‘Spoonies’? The Spoon theory is all over the internet these days. It was created by Christine Miserandino and it is essentially a great way to explain what it’s like to live with a condition that limits the amount of activity that you can do day-to-day.

It goes like this…

If you want to get an idea of what it’s like living with this condition, (in my case CRPS, but loads of conditions apply, Christine has Lupus), then here you go…..have a handful of spoons! Now…for each thing that you do in the day you lose one spoon. Once you’re out of spoons, then that’s it – you can’t do anything else. Not until you receive your new quota of spoons tomorrow.

It tends to initiate an ‘ah-ha’ moment in people once they are told that one spoon is not one whole activity, like getting up in the morning for example. In fact, we’d use a spoon to get up and washed, another to get dressed, and another to make and eat breakfast.

This aspect of the theory is what makes people start to realise why we have to plan our days so carefully. And why we often have to say no to doing nice things, because all our spoons usually get used up on just basic activities each day. If we ‘borrow’ a spoon from the next day we not only have one less spoon the next day, but our bodies may act up and give us more pain to contend with, as well. And if we want to do something nice and avoid the problems with borrowing spoons, then what do we not do today to free up the required spoon(s)? Not wash? Not eat? Tis a tricky little conundrum every day!

So it’s a jolly handy little explanation and I’m not surprised that it’s spread across the internet.

I’ve spent ages trying to explain to various peeps over the years about why I have to ‘pace’ my activity, and why it is that I can often appear to look as if I’m able-bodied during a physio’ but that once my physio’ time is up I then have to rest for several hours because I am experiencing large levels of pain. It’s even harder for people to make sense of what I’m saying because I, like many chronic pain sufferers, have become unbelievably good at hiding and disguising even really high pain levels. So much so that it has become an ingrained habit that I don’t even think about any more.

Chronic pain involves the inner workings of the body – damaged neurological signals and such like. So yeah, the Spoon Theory is waaaay easier for people to think about. It enables people to take on board the actual meaning, rather than get bogged down in complicated biological information.

So, thanks Christine. It’s a fab’ explanation, and I’m sure there are many people out there who are benefitting from this easy way to get across a fundamental aspect of their day-to-day experience to others.

‘Ah-ha, so yes, we get the spoon reference’, you say, ‘but why on earth were you singing a random old chart song?’

Well, I’m glad you asked. (Egads, I’ve been home-alone too long, I’m having a conversation with myself)!

There was a cartoon character on TV when I was young. Apparently he began in true comic format, but I was not aware of that until I looked him up online when one of my very good friends reminded me of the superhero’s existence just the other day. He is……(daaan daan daaaaaaan)…….The Tick!

Ever heard of him? In some ways he’s amusingly appropriate for Dys’ sufferers like meself seeing as he too has a taxed brain, (well, we have ‘brain fog’, but in my case it’s not too dissimilar at it’s worst!), he’s really strong, (okay, we’re not.. but emotionally and mentally we’re world champions just by basic necessity), and he has a tendency to fall over if his antenna are removed! Bwahaha. Love it! I have a constant battle with near-fainting and can’t find any sensible reason for it, so it might as well be antenna as anything else!

But most importantly of all, his battle cry is…….’SPOON’! (Bless ‘im). How very appropriate.

So yes, The Tick.

And it all becomes clear….my brain starts singing….


And yes, I found it hilariously funny at the time. I know… bless!

I find my chuckles where I can. 🙂

By the way, if you want to read Christine’s Spoon Theory here’s the link:


And, (just in case you feel the urge to know), according to the internet, the song was my brain’s take on ‘Boom! Shake the Room’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince in 1993!

Bestest wishes to you all, and a big hello to all of my fellow Spoonies, x

14 thoughts on “Tick…Tick…Tick…Tick…SPOON!

  1. I’m always impressed that you can still laugh through the crappyness – your resilience really is like The Tick! Now you need a sidekick that looks kinda like a bunny rabbit…

  2. I’m really impressed how you make all this so easy to read and understand…..I’ll throw my hands up and admit that you’ve lost me at a few points when explaining your condition to me…..I’m so glad you’ve found a way for people to understand it (including moi!) and for you, it must be cathartic. I’m so proud of you xxxxx

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