A quick, easy and bargain way to make a difference

Hiya, it’s that time of year when we actually send communications in a tangible 3D kinda way, and whether we receive posted messages from loved ones for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Zonghi, Pancha Ganapati, Winter Solstice or any other of many heart-warming celebrations at this time of year… we all have to put stamps on anything we post.

So I’ve grabbed a glass vase from the kitchen and started collecting used stamps from any mail I receive. Various charities accept used stamps to help them to raise money, and it’s a great way that we can help without having to raid our already stressed-out bank accounts.

I just started writing some cards out yesterday, so to my friends.. when you receive them, hang onto that stamp I sent and forward it to a charity that you would like to help.

I’ve also started receiving some cards too (plenty of people out there seem to be way more organised than I am)! So I’ve started collecting used stamps and this is how far I’ve got at the moment….

Used stamps 1

I will be sending mine to the Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA) in the UK. They are very proactive and so I feel it’s a fabulous cause to support. If anyone else wants to send to the same cause, they accept all stamps (whether from the UK or abroad) and the address to send them off to is:

Hypermobility Stamp Appeal
PO Box 264
IM99 1UR

I’ve decided that my stamp-collecting vase is going to sit there all year, now. It’s just such an easy way to help to make a difference 😀

Hope you’re all doing okay through various adverse weather conditions at the moment,

Lots of love from me,