Remembrance Day for the UK Disabled Dead

Most of you are probably aware by now that the benefits reform in the UK has resulted in, and is still resulting in, thousands of deaths of disabled people. They were declared ‘fit for work’ and then died soon after either as a direct result of worsening health, a direct result of the true severity of their health or an indirect result of the decision through increased stress levels and suicide.

Averaging 75 deaths per week, the UK is surely a leading light in destroying the vulnerable and getting the general population on board to believe that the chronically sick and disabled are really lazy people who could be consistently active if they could only be bothered. Highlighted from time to time, as it was this evening, by reports on the news about how disabled people are now joyfully getting into sport. (Which is good, but for the fact that what it fails to mention is that many cannot do this, leading people to believe that disabled people are ‘just’ disabled – the chronically ill and severely disabled are never mentioned).

Today the government celebrated this dually significant day, owing to the parliament-requested remembrance day and the existing International Day for Disabled People, by introducing new rules that the disabled should work for free to keep their benefits. With the rather large unmentioned and unaddressed issue of.. what on earth do the chronically sick disabled do when they can’t work? (the link to Mike’s blog below explains more on this issue). But that’s not something the general public are aware of or that the powers-that-be want to hear about. It’s not something that the media are reporting. Although credit to those sparse few journalists who do dare to speak out…. we love you for being strong enough to do so…. thank-you….so much, x

Here are a few good articles I read today that dared to not tow the government’s line…

Owen Jones: Hatred of those on benefits is dangerously out of control …, an Independent Newspaper Columnist writing fo ‘ATOS Victims Group News’

Sick and tired: the coalition’s war on the disabled and destitute, Laurie Penny writing for the New Statesman

Confusion reigns over work programme for the disabled, Mike Sivier writing on his blog Vox Political (a very informed and well researched husband of someone going through this process)

And if you fancy a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, slightly jocular but nevertheless serious… then how about a piece I read the other day by Mark Steel….

Are Tory ministers really so stupid that they think that leaving the blinds down is a crime?, Mark Steel writing for the Independent


2012-12-03, 2 min silence for DWP & ATOS deaths

This picture is shared courtesy of Jim Moore at National Remembrance Day for the DWP/ATOS Dead, it refers to today’s 2 minutes silence for the disabled dead at 11am. I should think that most people didn’t know it happened. It wasn’t reported in the media.

Seeing as it’s the people who are experiencing these appalling brick walls that are left to try to fend for themselves, anyone willing to spread any awareness at aaaall is very much appreciated. Keeping abreast of the real situation is a bit like being in the film Men in Black. You know… they check those small backstreet mag’s that everyone thinks are crazy to find out what’s reeeaally going on. It’s funny in a film, but incredibly sobering in real life when people’s quality of life, basic human rights and even their actual life itself are so utterly disregarded and irrelevant to others. The only stories that seem to cause the odd twitch is when people are told that this treatment includes our disabled soldiers. And so it should cause a twitch, what way is that to treat them, or indeed any disabled being?

Never before have I been so utterly ashamed, horrified and genuinely scared of what those in power in my country are doing. Those of us who are chronically sick and dealing with horrific and disabling issues every day of our lives with no break at all cannot handle this as well.

I sat in silence for the two minutes at 11am this morning. I did nothing but send out love to all those families going through this, all those individuals currently stressed, confused, angry and fearful. You are not alone, your fellow disabled stand by you. Now we need to enable the able-bodied population to see the real stat’s and info’ from those few journalists and freedom-of-information users who care about our plight. Let’s spread the word, share a link or two, anything and everything helps, x

Love and calm wishes to you all, x