Comedy outcome of crossing the loud-music event-horizon

After valiantly creaking home in slow-motion from the asthma-clinic appointment that I’d forgotten all about and therefore not included in my morning physio’ (doh!), I allowed my legs to pretend to be heavy leaden things. I left them to it on the proviso that they were not to introduce manic pain levels because I was ‘being good now’, honest! So I sat at the laptop waiting for my body to get happy enough for me to think more coherently, whilst enjoying a friend’s nutritional advice on the health benefits of biscuits and booze!

I eventually ended up writing about something I enjoy, which keeps my muscles more relaxed and so will hopefully reduce the level of the, now imminent, pain flare-up.


Then… half three in the afternoon….with the sun streaming in, and the open window letting in the fresh air and the birdy/traffic/sort-of-strange-chopping noises from the Urbanised Great Outdoors… neighbour came home and decided to demonstrate their ability to feign hosting a party for stressed out, anxious people with jack-hammers.

It probably sounds like music in their house. And I’m sure they’ve had a long day at work and all…..but…..the bass noises sliced right through my brain! Not because of any migrainey tendencies today, just because it was distracting erratic bass noises interrupting my thought patterns. I had to give up writing.

So….I decided to introduce my neighbour to Machine Head’s latest! Anyone that’s ever dabbled in rawk music should give it a whirl.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before my noise sensitivity caused me to turn it down again but, as I couldn’t stand up or walk at the time, it was a quick and easy way to let them know that someone was at home! They’re a nice couple, we each know how much noise travels through so we just let each other know that we’re at home and it’s all fine. (Unless they’re having a party, then Magic Dude and I end up wearing our best sad-faces and reaching for the ear-plugs).

I surprised myself, though. The sudden change from gentle outdoor sounds to rockin’ guitar had an immediate effect on me in a rather epic manner. I went from being a quiet and responsible blogger, to….

….wearing an idiotic grin whilst attempting a whiplash-flare-avoidance version of head-banging and waving my ‘devil-horn’ hands at the ceiling in grinney-happy defiance!

All whilst stuck in bed, legs totally immobile and buried under both duvet and laptop table!

Yep, I'm probably too old and creaky for this, but it made me larf!

Yes, I am Elle, I live with the Auto Gnome, and I have a problem, hehe…. I lurve my music!

It makes my soul sing, my mouth grin, my eyes twinkle, and I feel all kind-of excited inside my chest whenever I get to turn the music up. Infrequent and rare as those opportunities are. Perhaps that’s why it has such a strong effect!

Once I cross over the loud-music event-horizon the behavioural outcome is likely to surprise anyone unfortunate enough to witness it!

Ahhhhhh, but I feel soooo much better for that! And I’m only on track 3!

Music is good for my soul!

Not everyone likes to rawk, so here’s the chilled out acoustic version of ‘Darkness Inside’. I don’t usually pay much attention to lyrics, it’s the sounds that make me smile, but this one is about how music can fill our souls and set us free. Ahhhhh, x

Of course, if you’re really intrigued about the original version, then here it is….

It’s turn-it-up-and-shout-along material, hehe