Keep a Pharmacist in your health loop

I had to get a blood test today, so I collected my prescription from the nearby pharmacy at the same time. Whilst I was in the pharmacy waiting, I got called in by the pharmacist for a chat about my meds and supplements. Awesomeness!

It was great to chat with someone who really comprehends the problems we have with meds. I have mentioned it before and I’ll say it again:

Include your pharmacist in your health loop, involve them in your decision-making processes – they know more about meds and med combi’s than anyone else and they are invaluable to patients like us who are juggling multiple health issues with multiple internal systems and therefore constantly having to Sherlock our symptoms vs side effects, figure out meds, supps, nutrition etc for all of our various health issues in a way that they can happily co-exist with each other as treatments.

A good pharmacist is worth their weight in chocolate!

There were no concerns about my meds but I’ve decided to come off the magnesium supp’s. The mag’ was for the progressively worsening motor issues I had thanks to the first ANS stabiliser which I was one for over a year. My current stabiliser is way better for the motor issues (inc. spasms, jaw clamping, twitching etc) so to avoid in-taking too much mag’ I’m coming off it to see how the motor issues are with the more central-nervous-system-friendly ANS stabiliser that I’m on now. Good change. Thanks Ms Pharmicist. You rock!

Blood test thumbs up

UK peeps: This is an NHS thing so if you haven’t had a meds check-up for a year or more, ask your pharmacist about it. It’s well worth it. Even if everything med’-wise is tickety-boo, it’s always reassuring to know that it is.

Lotsa love from me,