It’s health activist nominations time!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s time for the third annual health activist awards when we get to vote for all of our fave health activists / bloggers out there who have made a difference to us patients. 😀

wego-health 2013

I’ve been happily voting for bloggers, it’s so fab’ to get to share the love 😀

All you need to do is follow the link here and add the weblog (or Twitter or Facebook information depending on where they write and post), and click on the award that you are nominating them for. You can do so anonymously if you prefer. When asked for the nominee’s contact info’.. an email, Facebook page or Twitter account are all ways for WEGO to let them know that they’ve been nominated.

Of course if you want to vote for little ole me I would not complain! 😉 In fact some of you must’ve been busy as WEGO Health have informed me that I have been nominated for three awards…. wheeeeee!

You can ‘endorse’ me on my nomination page if ya like. Only one of the awards I’ve been nominated for is showing on there at the moment, though, so here’s the relevant prettification for this post…












I started by nominating someone for a health geekery award! There’s one blogger who ‘geeks out’ at research even more than I do so I just had to get in there and vote, hehe Go on, share the love people! 😀



Nominated for WEGO Health’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ award!

I’ve just received a rather lovely message on my Facebook blog page from Susan Mees of Wego Health. She just popped in to inform me that I’d been nominated for their Rookie of the Year award 2012.

*gasp*….. oh-my-goodness…. followed by *gleeeeee*

The award that I’ve been nominated for.

The Health Activist awards were launched last year in 2011 and I enjoyed nominating my favourite bloggers for the amazing work that they do sharing information, and making me smile on my slightly wobbly days.

Since then, my world has changed a little. I’m now a blogger myself. I write about my conditions to share information that I have found, to share experiences, to let fellow patients out there know that they’re not alone and to share some laughs because, as you know, silliness is a very important part of my pain management regime! 😉

I have discovered that I love to write, which fortunately is something that I can do whilst sitting, or even lying down! Admittedly, I cannot write whilst my brain is absent, (which is a fair amount of the time), but this blog has been a part of me since I first signed up to WordPress to create it.

I had no idea, though, just how much a part of me this blog would become. How much a part of my life it would be. Or how many wonderful people I would meet along the way as a result.

In life, different people in varying contexts see aspects, but not all, of who we are. And yet this blog is me: the patient, the researcher, the joker, the pragmatist, the health activist, the geek, the sci-fi fan, the Tai Chi student, the rock chick, the used-to-be-an-artist,…. and more. For those of you who have been readers of this blog for a while, you have already begun to know me as my long-term friends know me. I share who I am through my writing.

Thank-you. sooo much, for the nomination. And thank-you for being so encouraging and supportive. I’m feeling a bit soppy as I write this, so I’ll just go into my virtual kitchen and make you some tea whilst I pull myself together!

Please do support the health activists out there who are blogging their hearts out and doing their best to make a difference in some small way. Every one of us does this because we want to be helpful, to make some sort of a difference, and to reach out to give a virtual hug and some pom-pom-cheering encouragement to all of our fellow patients and their loved ones.

There are various different categories available, here’s a few blogger-related examples from WEGO’s nomination page (the link is below):

Best Kept Secret – Awarded to someone in the online health community who is doing great work but hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.

Health Activist Hero – Awarded to an inspiring, supportive, and knowledgeable Health Activist who has truly changed people’s lives.

Hilarious Health Activist Award – Awarded to the Health Activist who makes you laugh alongside their advocacy.  Nominate your favorite comedian.

Ms/Mr. Congeniality – Awarded to someone who always has a kind word, a positive note, and a virtual hug.

Paperboy Award – Awarded to the Health Activist who always delivers the latest and greatest health news and research.

Rookie of the Year – Awarded to a Health Activist who came on the scene in 2012 but has inspired the entire community.

Silver Stethoscope – Awarded to a healthcare professional who utilizes social media, online community, and technology to make the world a better place.

Trailblazer Award – Awarded to the Health Activist who is ahead of every curve, excited by new technology, and encourages everyone to join them.

Unsung Hero Award – Awarded to the member of your community who is always helping, advising, and sharing – but may not know how amazing and valuable they are.

There are some fantastic bloggers out there so please do send in your nominations because, as I’ve just found out, just getting nominated is a wonderful bit of feedback to warm the heart and make us grin in happiness. 😀

I’m not asking you to vote for me, (although I won’t complain if you do, of course!), but I am just suggesting that you follow your heart and show your appreciation for those bighearted bloggers out there. If their heart is involved in what they do as much as I find mine to be, then it will mean a lot to them. I shall, of course, be nominating a few bloggers myself, xx

Here’s the link to make your nominations, you can nominate as many as you want for various awards, (bloggers, professionals online, twitterers, vloggers ….etc) and you can even nominate one website/blog for multiple awards….