The necessary addition of a ‘Mary Poppins’ or ‘TARDIS’ bag

Every parent knows that the moment you have kids the cute little handbags are out, and the big bags of spare clothes and nappies are in! A few years ago I discovered that health issues can initiate a similar bag-and-supplies transition!

Mary Poppins had a bag that seemed to have everything you could possibly need within it, and Dr Who is renowned for their bigger-on-the-inside science which they liberally apply to their mode of transport and pockets!

A girl still needs a bag change from time to time, though, so I have just shelved my black shoulder bag (covered in badges) in favour of a purple satchelly type bag that I found in a second hand store. I like a good bargain, and I agree with Elder Niece that purple is pretty cool, too!

In my bag at the moment there are the following…


Anti-inflammatories (though I take them as little as possible as I was advised against long-term use)

IBS pills

A plastic jar of crystallised ginger (for the nausea)

A pair of knee supports (to be avoided unless I’m desperate as wearing them regularly would defeat the whole point of my physio’s, but if I can’t get back to the car then at least they are on hand)

A fold up walking stick (with a pretty Florentine scrolling pattern on it)

Dextrose tablets (which don’t really get used any more but are there out of habit. I was found to have a tendency to blood-sugar lows about seven years ago, but for the last few years the dextrose hasn’t helped. I eventually found out that the similar experience of brainless-spacey-sicky-fainty was actually a now much more common me-event of neurologically mediated near-fainting)

So, before I go out for any length of time I also fill a flask with weak lemon squash and add that to the Mary Poppins / TARDISlike bag as well! Recently I have started getting neurological teeth pain, and warm drinks don’t set it off as badly, so I opt for warmish fluid intakes now. If I’m attempting a walk somewhere pretty with Magic Dude on his day off, I might pretend that I’m some sort of ‘normal’ (hehe) and fill a travel mug with a nice cup of tea. Like I’m adventuring into the Great Outdoors on my day off from a busy working life in the City, or something, har! I wish!

Oh yes, and my asthma inhaler which I practically never use since my dysautonomia decided that hyperventilation was a great new default practice. My lungs have plenty of oxygen in them these days! Shame it has trouble getting to the rest of my body, but that’s another story!

Of course the car is the place to store additional assistance… wheelchair or crutches if they might be required, migraine patches and sprays, a warm blanket to keep the legs pain down, but the everyday items are in my bag.

I don’t skip around singing about how a spoonful of sugar helps my truckload of meds and supplements go down, so I don’t think my bag happens to be a Mary Poppins bag, although I know people who have them, and one person who had a Mary Poppins drawer at work.

I’m a bit of a geek, and a bit of a sci-fi girl, so a TARDIS bag suits me down to the ground. Not sure where the purple fits in, perhaps that’s part of my ‘thing’, all the regenerations of Dr Who and each of his companions have a thing, something peculiar to to them, like the Dr Who’s who gleefully proffered jelly babies, carried an umbrella or favoured a bunch of celery as a jacket adornment. Their approach seems to be this… if I state the cool-value with enough certainty, perhaps it’ll become true…? And if it doesn’t, I’m quite happy being considered eccentric! So…

“I carry a purple medical TARDIS bag now, big medical bags are cool.”

Did it work? 😉