Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Day 09

A Day In My Life Photo Challenge for 30 Days Of RSD/CRPS Awareness, June 2013

Day 09 – A picture of gratitude in pain

Today I attended a Tai Chi fundamentals seminar during my physio’ time to brush up on my basics and hopefully improve some more. A seminar is longer than my physio’ time so of course I hurt a little more than usual afterwards, but now I am under the blanket on the sofa with my hot water bottle (back in it’s fluffy cover again!) and I’ve just drunk a nice cup of tea.

I plugged in the stereo before I sat down and I have the volume down really low to allow me to listen for a little longer before the noise sensitivity pain makes me turn it off. My music is on shuffle so I am getting a variety of tunes from different genres which is rather fun. For lunch I’ve eaten some fruit and some cheese (the latter to help my brain recover from the seminar). The sun is shining outside and trying to shine in a little through my overhung front window.

I am grateful to be able to spend my physio’ doing something that I love, and to be able to spend the time that I need to recover afterwards. I have my laptop with me, and that means that I have my friends with me too (as that’s where you all live)!

I am sat so that I can see the mantlepiece. On it are some photo’s, some postcards from friends who are also of compromised health and it means so much to me that they took the time and effort to write to me, a congratulations card from a friend about my Tai Chi progress and I love her so dearly that I haven’t been able to bring myself to take the card down yet, and a beautiful heart ornament from another friend who I love so very much. The ornament represents the beautiful friend who sent it to me and, by extension, my besties who I adore so much. Just seeing it there makes my heart swell in the joy of love for my friends. I am so grateful for you all being in my life and for being who you each are. Each day I am stuck on the sofa for many hours at a time, and each day my gaze will fall upon this ornament at some point and doing so I feel lifted, I feel lighter, I feel grateful. Thank-you my friends, and thank-you to the specific friend who sent this to me, you are always in my heart, xxx

Heart ornament