Made-up superheroes valiantly defeating insomnia…Dahn-da-da-daaah!

I was up late and drawn back to the ‘create your own superhero’ website…I decided that, despite the advice of ‘The Incredibles’ Edna Mode…Super-Elle should try out a cape…..

I suppose that really the inky-black sword is Gnomes Bane. So this must be Super-Elle, or the CRPS Avenger, or the Dys’….er….Dys’-tiller (?!) or sumfink. Yep, I was lacking in sleep, can you tell?!

And here is the fabulous Edna Mode, daaahling…

Did you know that there are some CRPS patients out there who use ‘RSD Angel’ as a reference? The patients strive to be the best they can despite their crippling pain levels and, frankly, anyone in that situation needs a bit of recognition and a bit of a lift or else keeping going under those circumstances gets really untenable. So why not lift each other with something like a reference to them being an RSD Angel. If it helps, it’s worth it. So anyway, yep, you’ve guessed it, I decided to create my own CRPS superhero styleee angel, hehe. I’m about 12 years old inside my head, aren’t I?!  😉

And then, just coz it was nearly midnight and I needed to keep doing stuff for a bit longer to beat the insomnia, I created Billy, too. She’s rock ‘ard, by the way…

Wee-eeell, once I’d given the superhero some eyes, a nose, etc.. it was quick and easy just to change clothes and colours. And with very little brain usage… hence the helpful assistance with the aim of trying to get sleepy.

I got to sleep really quickly after this. Not sure that it should be a regular thing.. I’d end up with every possible superhero filling up my hard-drive if I did that!

Go-awn, you know you want to! ….

Super-gentle hugs from me, x