5 Haikus…..just because!

For a bit of fun!

Well, it’s Day 6 of the Health Activist Writers’ Challenge and boy, my brain is tired! Writing every day is certainly a challenge when you’re battling through the day with health conditions already! I enjoy the process of writing and creating, but I’m grateful for some less emotional-writing days. Today’s suggestion is a fun one, there’s a few more ones like this coming up. I couldn’t resist doing a bit of research into the topic, though. (Of course)! x

I’ve been delving (briefly) into the world of Haikus.

Haikus are a type of Japanese poetry that date back to the end of the nineteenth century. In the western world haikus are simply three lines that consist of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables, respectively. They don’t have to rhyme, and their simple format is intended to add something intangible to the experience of the poetry.

The Japanese language is so different to English that there is some argument that to attempt to achieve a similar effect the 5-7-5 syllable format should be reduced to a 3-5-3 format, which gives you some idea of how brief an entity they can be.

During a bout of insomnia I came up with the following daftness. (It was really good at getting my brain to switch off and let me sleep, too! Who needs to count sheep when you can count syllables?)!


I was ‘normal’ once,

Eek! Dysautonomia,

Now unusual.

I started this blog,

To help make a difference,

But it helped me, too.

I love Magic Dude,

He makes me smile and chortle,

Worth his weight in tea.

Sunshine makes me feel

Like the burden lifts awhile,

The warmth eases pain.

I love to drink tea,

I’d drink it all the day through,

If my legs allowed.


And speaking of tea….