My Gnomic adventure in pictures

After enforced writing and thinking downtime, I am back! I have spent several days in a malfunctioning state of being, hoping that my brain and body would recuperate so that I could get on with things again. I have even, (prepare to be shocked), ….attempted relaxing! (Gasp)!

I told my brain that it could chill out and watch ‘The A’Team’ and ‘Serenity’. But I still attempted to keep up with Facebook stuff, and got downhearted every time my brain fell over trying to read or reply to basic messages. I had some great advice on what foods to eat, found that I’d run out of both kale and cabbage and that I wasn’t safe to drive to the shop. But I did have cheese… so I had home-made spinach and ricotta cannelloni instead. (Not necessarily lots of the right kind of cheese, but it was very nice nonetheless). Oh, and a little bit of left-over easter-chocolate for afters! I guess I really need to look into the effects of various foodstuffs, but that’s a job for more viable thinky days.

When my brain eventually fancied some written words it was allowed to read some of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’!

To keep the legs working I attempted most of my useful do-stuff activities during my morning physio’ when I’ve been more capable, and then my second physio’ of each day involved vaguely wandering around to gently exercise my legs, (but otherwise being useless). I have been able to think a little more clearly over the last couple of days, although I had a major fainty-pukey day yesterday and was very grateful for the support from Magic Dude and my Tai Chi teacher. Despite that and the endless headaches, slowly but surely I have found it less difficult to read and write as the days have gone by.

So I’m gradually working my way back to my version of ‘normality’!

The pictorial silliness occurred a couple of days ago. Magic Dude asked whether I would prefer to do something different with my second physio’ and despite usually being firmly of the “I don’t mind” ilk, I actually had a definite request. Those of you who have ‘liked’ my Facebook page will already know that I went out with camera, tripod, helpful photographer and a bright red gnome-hat to create some Gnomic pictures for the blog! I only had to sit still and look at the view, so my body could handle it. And I had a bit of a laugh at the thought of how daft we must’ve looked to the local dog-walkers! 😀

The feedback on Facebook was fun and cheering. So I’m now uploading the pic’s to the blog to see what you think of the results of my little adventure!

I’ve got a feeling that there may be more of these in the future. I may even look to acquire a red waistcoat to add to the Gnomic silliness. 😉

Let me know what you think of the banner photo’ and profile pic’. I’d love to know your thoughts on these.

Banner photo'

Profile pic'

And here’s another piccie that I love, (although it does look like I’ve got a hand growing out of my face)!

Elle and the Auto Gnome

So that’s what I got up to during my writing hiatus. I hope that my interim pictorial silliness has given you a bit of a chuckle. I will get back to the WEGO writing Challenge, but I’m still struggling to write and anyway, I wanted to share these piccies with you and ask you what you think of them! 😀

Love from me, x