Writing Challenge takes down health-blogger in just 7 days!

I’ve just hit that proverbial ‘wall’. I cannot continue to write a blog post every day, even for such a good cause as the WEGO Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge! I am not just tired, not just fatigued, but exhausted to the point of zombification, (without the hankering for brains).


I did not know that it would hit me this way. I expected pain, migraines, general tiredness and brain-drain, but not this. I’ve been reduced to a pseudo-zombie state where I am so utterly exhausted that it takes indescribable effort to move a limb, move my head, or attempt to read a simple research abstract online. My eyes are open, the lids are not drooping too much, (although the insomnia can’t have helped matters), I am just so exhausted that I am struggling to function at all.

I am writing this after a relaxing bath, a small bag of chocolate buttons and an actual caffeinated tea. None of which have really helped, so I thought I’d write this before I keel over into loss-of-brain mode again!

I am not giving up. I will continue to keep note of the WEGO challenges and I will get there…eventually. It will just have to be a lot less intense. I don’t do giving up, so you can imagine the physical state that I have to be in to get to the stage of writing this! To have to compromise the underlying rules of ‘every day for 30 days’, is a big deal for me. But there is no way I can keep this pace up. Besides, my lovely blog followers must be getting tired out with all this reading! 😉

I’ve got a cuppla posts almost ready to roll, so it’ll look like I’m still on form for a couple of days, but after that it’ll settle down to a more sensible pace again. My body has said ‘no’ and said it so severely that, even with my level of determination, I cannot over-rule this one!

Not only am I blogging like a woman possessed, but I also have the research project to prep’ – I should be multi-tasking at the moment and haven’t been able to do so. I always give myself too much to do in the sparse amount of do-stuff time I have each day. But it’s one thing to feel useful, and quite another to run myself into the ground! I frustratingly must take heed and make a change. Perhaps it is fortunate that I am in no fit state to kick up much of a fuss about it.

Blog-Post-Every-Day-Challenge Service is being suspended, and Normal Service is being resumed!

Lots of love from your determined dyssie,  x