Photo Challenge for CRPS Awareness, Days 24 & 25

A Day In My Life Photo Challenge for 30 Days Of RSD/CRPS Awareness, June 2013

Day 24 – A picture of your favorite snack
Day 25 – A picture of your day

Two days in one go today coz I’m trying to catch up a little bit!


Whatever fruit and veg’ I have to hand because it makes me feel more alert and functional, and always some ‘aged’ cheese because it helps my brain functionality. I get allergic if I eat much cheddar so this is Red Leicester (om nom nom). My fabulous blogging friend Isy made me aware of the cheese brain-boost, thanks Isy 🙂  Aged cheese boosts dopamine levels which helps our neurotransmitter chemicals to replenish more quickly. Which is really important as making all the tiny decisions that we have to make as a result of the complications in every day life as chronically ill patients actually depletes our neurotransmitters much quicker than in healthy people.

Oh, and I love bananas but my jaw is so painful these days that I can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat them so I have to cut them in half longways!

I’ll eat a snack like that whilst sitting in a position like this…

Elle and the Auto Gnome, at the laptop

Though not always this upright, (courtesy of the near-fainting), and more often on the sofa than the bed at the moment.