Mission accepted. The search in town…

Physio’ session number 1.. spent in the smaller local town which has parking close to the shops. The shops themselves are all closely packed together which helps me to be more productive during the time allowed.

The Mission: to find a large pot for the stove that I can use to dye some Tai Chi silks!

Until now I’ve been borrowing my teacher’s spare silks for demo’s and tournaments and, as I intend to continue as long as my health allows, I figured it might be an idea to get some of my own so she doesn’t have to furnish me with her spare set every time.

The Dilemma: trying to find a colour which isn’t the same as other teams competing at the tournaments.

The Decision: to buy white silks and dye them. (Purply-lilac like the ones I borrow, or maybe a teal green?)

The Research: Turns out that although most home dyes require a bucket and some cold water, silks are more problematic. They require prepping first to open up the threads to accept the dye, and they require a pot on the stove big enough to fit them in. Hence ‘The Mission’.

So I planned the trip into the smaller local town as I had a couple of errands to run as well.

I queued up in the Post Office to post my friend’s birthday card to New York. (I’m so crap at remembering to post it early enough for it to travel abroad that I expect she is used to receiving belated cards from me by now)! Shifting my weight from foot to foot in the queue to try to keep the pain from increasing too much before I got to do the other stuff. (Queues are baaaad for pain levels 😦 )

I bought myself a replacement hot water bottle…. in a heat wave. That was a tough challenge! The only place that had any was the ‘Savers’ shop (hurrah!) and when I took it to the counter the girl at the checkout looked at it, raised her eyebrows, smiled at me lopsidedly and said “Really?”! Hehe. I don’t do normal! 😉

Hot water bottle, Hot Stuff

I then trekked in and out of the many charity shops in the two streets that comprise the outdoor bit of the town centre. The likelihood of a large old cooking pot being out on display was pretty slim so I asked in every store, and in every store they were sweet enough to check the back-rooms for me. But nope. No cooking pot.

Mission failed?

We-eell, I ‘mysteriously’ came home with a pretty trug to collect my veggies in
(I harvested some home grown rhubarb two days ago and somehow it would have been even more satisfying transporting it in a pretty trug instead of a carrier bag! 😉 ). I also found a selection of pottery spoons with a hole in the handle of each one… a) I always need more ‘spoons‘ and b) I had some sort of misguided idea about making some Spoonie-style wind chimes out of them or something! (Magic Dude would not be pleased with the noisy wind chime idea, though! So alternate suggestions are welcome! 😉 ). And I also found myself buying an unworn green necklace that still had the original shop tags on. Each from a different charity shop.

Charity shop buys

Okay, yes… Mission failed as I am still cooking-pot-less, but I feel pleased  to have survived the physio’, especially as it over-ran the time a little (not good for the pacing, oops, and not good for the pain levels, owwwww), but at least I have something to show for my efforts, eh?! And all this, including the hot water bottle, for less than a tenner so it must be okay! 😉

Current Status: Stuck on sofa in resulting pain as usual…
.                        Mission Large-Cooking-Pot still to be completed….
.                                     (gotta love a cliffhanger ending! 😉 )