WEGO Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge 2013

I attempted the WEGO Health Activist Writers’ Month Challenge (HAWMC) in April last year. I was trying to write one post per day for the challenge. On the 7th day I wrote about my resulting loss of brain and had to stop.

Writing a small post every day for 6 days = zombified state (minus the hankering for brains)

Writing a small post every day for 6 days = zombified state (minus the hankering for brains)

After that I wrote the occasional post but I had learnt a valuable lesson about pacing my beleagured brain as well as my inconsistently inept body.

I’ve just completed my study dissertation and so this HAWMC 2013 I have one less brain-factor to consider, and a substantial one at that, (although bear in mind that flexible study sessions at home were only a random, once in a while affair with my mostly lack of brain. Tough gig). So let’s see how I manage it this time, eh?

After writing the last bit of the dissertation I am in a major CRPS pain flare which is increasing the level of dysautonomia issues as well. So I don’t for a moment think this will be easy, or even that I can complete the full challenge and post every day of the month. It’s just not going to happen. But I do think it’s about time I got to come back to my weblog hub and spend some time hanging out with you after my study-induced hiatus. I haven’t been here as much as I’d have liked to have been. I’ve got some updating and catching up to do.

I’m going to give the HAWMC a whirl, though. I’ll try to take it carefully to avoid flare, but I know it’s going to be tough. In the same month I have a major consultant appointment, a disability benefits assessment and a physio session that I hope to spend doing Tai Chi in front of people instead of in my living room. All of these things will involve travel (as a passenger) and stress (from the challenge of managing my health in trickier circumstances than usual) which means the pain levels will rocket some more. April is going to be spent battling flares because I just have too many things in one month. Yes, three appointments in one month is (for my body) a lot to deal with and it will cause major health repercussions, (not something that I expect my assessor to comprehend in the health ‘assessment’ as I’ve been advised that none of them have any training in my complex, variable condition whatsoever. Terrified much?)

So yes, April. Not going to be an easy ride this month. The ‘assessment’ and the appointment will be causes of stress for different reasons (one because there’s no comprehension of my condition to assess my related variable functionality, and the other because of the amount of travel involved). So I’m hoping that occasional short Tai Chi physios will help me to battle through the pain, stress and dysautonomia flares, in conjunction with oodles of hot water bottle rest and gritting of teeth when the pain gets off the scale. Don’t you just hate it when you begin a ‘busy’ month (by my body’s standards) already in flare? Ah well, I like a challenge, right?!

I know that the act of writing for the blog will be a good distraction at times, and at others it will be impossible to write owing to the state of my health.

Elle and the Auto Gnome, at the laptop

To begin the April challenge whilst trying not to scream with the pain is not my ideal beginning. But it is the way it is and I will keep writing whenever I can.

So here’s to some varying themes and inevitable silliness along with many hot water bottles and cups of tea. Here we goooo…. 😉