Birthday treats and problematic food

Whenever my brain has been functioning recently, it has had to be applied to my studies. Although I was so incensed by the welfare “reform” (removal) happening in Britain that, as I’m sure you saw, I applied some on-the-planet time to the drawing together of some of the horrific details. I will come back to that topic when I can, but meanwhile I’ve been so limited on functional brain time that if I’ve found a while where I can think fairly coherently without getting a headache, I’ve been trying to piece together some writing for the next deadline. Some days I’ve managed to do this for half an hour or so but then I can spend the next two days not being able to think properly as a result. Consequently, my Castleville kingdom is coming along nicely!

I’m one determined bunny though, and motivation kept arriving by post as my birthday this year fell right in the middle of the study spike. This one made me laugh…

And this one says a lot!…

The morning of my birthday began with Magic Dude bringing a tray of treats to me whilst I was still incapacitated and stuck in bed, awww. Including a chocolate cupcake with two cute dinosaur candles in it! His card turned out to be rather appropriate…

And inside it says: “… only instead of nun chucks they come armed with cupcakes”!

I wouldn’t say that he was armed with a cupcake as such, but he did sneak upstairs to deliver a cupcake along with pressies and coffee! Despite my pain and brainlessness, it was a lovely way to start the day.

We decided to go somewhere different to have an outdoor physio walk somewhere pretty. And shock of all shocks… the sun shone! It’s recognised by several of my close friends that it is weather-tradition to rain on my birthday. So if I have a birthday where the sun makes an appearance… there has to be ice cream!  ; –)

In fact, we got tempted and went one better than that by having a cream tea in a little village café and then we had ice cream!

Unfortunately, with all the distractions of intense pain, gorgeous company, lashings of tea and the sheer joy of being out of the house… I didn’t notice that I’d left the cafe wearing some of the cream tea. Wearing jam, to be exact!

Ah well, I’ve learned to live with the funny looks I get for pulling up a second chair to put my legs up on, so a few funny looks over some dribbled jam is nothing! 😉

Hehe, I’m such a classy bird!

Well, yesterday I hit an important deadline in my research, which means that I can now give myself some much-needed recuperation time. Except for I’d rather be here writing to you lovely lot instead, so here I am! Hello everyone, here’s a big virtual hug and a grin from me 😀