Open University “Blog of the Month”, awwww, x

Hello all,

Yes I have hit my study deadline and am having a brief study-free hiatus to  catch up on my ‘to-do’ list!

Though you may have noticed that rather than sorting out my accounts or tidying up the house, I am indeed on WordPress… oops! 😉 tee hee

The studying is going well and I’m really enjoying getting stuck into it. It’s not the work itself but merely the workload that can be an issue at times. There is so much to do in the timespan for this particular module. But as this is a final masters module, it is different to any other course I’ve studied as there is no longer a clear guideline of what to do when. Instead, it is self directed study and, me being me, I want to do soooo much. So it is my own fault that I have lots of work to do, hehe. Good thing I picked a topic that I’m passionate about, eh?!

I also received a message the other day from a lovely lady at the Open University asking me if I would mind if she posted this blog as the OU’s “Blog of the Month”. I felt so heartwarmed at the request. This weblog has a life and purpose of it’s own, so of course I said “yes”. I am still so touched that she felt it worthy of a mention in the OU newsletter that gets emailed out to students and alumni.

I’ve snuck off from my non-study catch-up because I’d like to say hello and thank-you to all of my OU peers who followed the link to have a look-see. I’ve received some wonderful and encouraging messages from you and I had no idea that saying “yes” would result in sooo many views. It was truly an astounding and heart-warming few days. Thank-you so much, xx

I am now formulating a plan for how to juggle the study and blog a little better, because I don’t want to keep having to be temporarily awol whilst heading for the deadlines! This studying doesn’t half train you up in some ‘transferable skills’! 🙂

Love and hugs to all my readers, I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people through my writing here. Wishing you all well, xx