Introducing myself….

Witch on the PS3

Hi, I’m a witch who plays on the PS3 in between bouts of looking spooky on the doorstep and handing out sweets to kids dressed up as skeletons, pirates, cats and witches…. Oh wait, no…. sorry that was laaaaast night. Doh!

Let me try that again….

From my Orange physio' walk last November!

From my Orange physio’ walk last November!

Hi, I’m not usually hanging out on my doorstep with sweets on offer (although sometimes my neighbours get given surplus home-grown beans or strawberries 🙂 ). The fancy dress comes and goes – I am a fan of silliness and laughing. 😉 …..

I’m a Tai Chi student, an online advocate and I yearn to paint again. I’m learning Kung Fu even though I’m disabled (thanks to my fabulous teacher) and I have a very active mind so my To-Do list and Give-It-A-Whirl List are pretty long and varied. I enjoy creating and I love learning. I am more determined than I thought I was but perhaps that’s because I have some really strong focuses in my life now, reasons to battle onwards. I have too many plates spinning at any given point in time and that is because I don’t like it any other way! Without plates spinning in my life I feel like I’m missing a trick somewhere, that I’m not being all of the ‘me’ that I can be!

Life is for living, and giving, and sharing, and loving, and learning, and being and sooo much more. I also have oodles of inner strength as it turns out, which is helpful! I love laughing. I love pretty much everything and everyone most of the time. The world is pretty awesome, and there’s good everywhere when we get used to looking for it. One of the best things in my life is tea! 😉 My boyfriend (aka Magic Dude) fortunately takes all of my facets in his stride. His laid-back attitude, big heart and sense of humour serve him well. I also talk a lot. (See how awesome Magic Dude is for coping with me? 😉 ).

The disability that I have is CRPS. That’s a ludicrously high-level pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It has spread through my body during the 14+ years I’ve had it. But it’s a multi-systemic condition – not just a pain condition. Which means that I also have a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system (automatic processes in my body are not working properly, like heart-rate, breathing, digestion, circulation), a compromised auto-immune system, a wonky (medical jargon there 😉 ) central nervous system (I sometimes get tremors and twitches, I don’t realise that bits of my body are sometimes not where I’d like them to be so I tend to spill tea down my front a lot!), and I have big problems neurologically (brain fog a-go-go) which varies (I can be incapable of understanding basic spoken words if I am emotional, stressed or burnt out, or I can write an intelligent research paper when the symptoms are less). In fact it all varies, nothing is consistently severe or gentle, all of it is changing all of the time.

November is CRPS awareness month and the awareness ribbon is orange. So I’ll be donning the bright orange coat again this month and seeing if I can meet some of the November challenges from WEGO Health’s ‘National Health Blog Post Month‘ and Mandy’s ‘A Day in my Life Photo Challenge‘. Let’s have some fun! 😀

Orange for CRPS / RSD