CRPS Awareness photo challenge: a pain aid


(source: a screenshot of the loading page on my laptop)

Role Playing Games (RPGs) are helpfully immersive and so make a brilliant pain distraction tool. These are more helpful if they don’t have lots of decision making in them as people with chronic illnesses make lots more decisions throughout each day and so run out of neurotransmitter chemicals far quicker. Fortunately most modern games allow roaming and choice, so we can choose game activities that can help to distract us without having to deplete our brain even more.

My recovery game is the Lord of the Rings Online.


2 thoughts on “CRPS Awareness photo challenge: a pain aid

  1. Hi Elle
    I have been using Gaming a a pain aid for years now, nice to see others finding the blissful escapement of gaming as a pain relief. I have Gastroparesis,esophageal dysfunction, neural Intestinal dysplasia,non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, hypermobiity amongst other conditions that make for shall we say an interesting life to say the least. I enjoy your blogging and just wanted to give you a big pain sister hug for all the sharing you do (((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))) cheers Di

  2. Hi, this is so true! I play Minecraft…although I’m a wife and mother lol. It’s creative and absorbing, and I don’t have to kill things unless I want to! It really does help… If only there were a CRPS MC group so that we could play together and chat too that’d be great!! I’ll look at LOTR now 🙂

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