Awareness ribbons

Remember that post I wrote ages ago about how  many ribbons can happen to represent each of us chronically ill folk?! Well, I’ve got some more to add to my ribbon prettification list now!…

purple-ribbon I now get a purple ribbon for migraines. I like purple! 🙂 But not migraines 😦

Each ribbon tends to stand for multiple conditions and I didn’t realise until recently that this colour also covers my throbbing-head-flashy-light-stagger-away-from-all-light-and-noise issues!

I also didn’t realise that my tendency to migraine over and over (once I’ve had one migraine I’m reeaally prone to them for several weeks afterwards, and the longer it’s been the safer I am) is what is referred to as cluster migraines. I found out during one of my UK disability assessments. So I guess really I should go all out and overboard with colour and add the recently created ribbon for chronic migraines…


Ahhh, instant prettification, right?! 😉

My awareness ribbons



8 thoughts on “Awareness ribbons

  1. Very pretty! I’m exactly the same with migraines, once I have one I tend to get several day after day. Didn’t know that was called cluster migraines. You learn something new everyday!

  2. That’s an awful lot of ribbons. Imagine if you were wearing them for the cause all on the same day – One might expect a stab in ones boob with at least one of the many pins!

  3. I’m a bit torn on the ribbons deal. There are too many conditions in this world and not enough colours to represent them so you end up with one colour representing 10 illnesses. Confusing! I’d like to have some awareness jewellery but the idea of someone seeing an orange CRPS bracelet and misinterpreting it as meaning I have leukaemia would make me feel guilty! I think I think too much about things sometimes lol. xx

    • Heh! Yep, I’ve thought the same thing too! I guess most people see an awareness ribbon and just think “Oh, that must be an awareness ribbon of some sort”! They probably have more meaning to us patients than to anyone else. Only when awareness is really high like for the red ribbon, or a pale pink ribbon, would people think they know what it’s for. So I reckon we can prettify without worrying unduly, better still if they ask us what it stands for I guess, then we can help to raise the awareness ourselves.
      It helps if the jewellery has the condition name on it somewhere as well, I think some of them have. But I could legitimately wear so many different ribbons that I don’t feel a strong tie to any of them, perhaps mainly the orange and the blue, but then again hypermobility started all this off and there isn’t one for that unless it’s full-on EDS, so I think I identify more with Tai Chi symbols instead. Perhaps I should start adding in a yin and yang symbol too? 😉

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