Something I’d like to find out about…

I’ve been learning Tai Chi for nearly 2 years now. At the beginning of each class we spend 15 minutes practising some Qi Gong breathing. This involves various slow movements timed with the in and out breaths.

As you probably already know, qi (or chi) refers to energy. It is a common misconception that the concept of qi is quite wafty and hippy-ish, but actually it’s pretty darn scientific. There are layers of magnetic field around the human body with various different polarities, (NASA science has given much more to the world than people are generally aware of). And the manipulation of energy within the body has also been harnessed by treatments such as acupuncture, some forms of which are now approved to the extent that even the UK’s National Health Service offers acupuncture treatments for certain conditions, which it would never do without scientific premise.

After all these months of practising Qi Gong I have begun to feel the buzzing and tingling in the palms of my hands that suggests I am becoming more aware of the sciencey-energy thing, which I find rather lovely. It is also another route to explore with regard to looking after my health.

Tai Chi punch. It’s an old piccy, I must get some new ones done!

A huge part of living with CRPS and dysautonomia is understanding the complicated and extensive effects on the inner electrical neurological systems. A key aspect of keeping my unhelpful over-the-top ‘fight or flight’ response in check is remaining calm and peaceful as much as possible. This is pretty tricky as I am trying to keep an automatic response from happening over much smaller triggers than it should.

I don’t know about the Tai Chi explanation of energy flow and the Tai Chi premises of how to tap into that, but it’s something that I want to find out about.

I am very fortunate to have an incredibly competent teacher who has been the world champion in Chinese martial arts more times than I can count on one hand, so I decided to ask her about it as there are so many books out there and not all of them are going to be good. She has a suggestion for me and just needs to grab the details. Once she is a little less buried in ‘stuff-to-do’ I shall remind her and go book shopping online. 🙂

Mind you, the actual reading will probably have to wait until after I’ve got all of the studying out of the way!

There’s so much to learn and so little brain to learn it with these days!

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

Very best wishes to you all, from me, x

6 thoughts on “Something I’d like to find out about…

  1. I’m right there with you because I’ve been doing traditional kung-fu, tai chi/qigong, and meditation for 7 and 1/2 years and it has truly changed my life–all for the better:))

    • Hiya Jon, it’s good to see you, did you know that you were one of the first fellow bloggers I met when I first set the blog up earlier this year? (Awww, I’m having a heart-warming moment, hehe 😉 ). I knew you were well-versed in this area and am so glad that you have found this aspect so positive. You are a great inspiration in the application of this kind of knowledge and practice. I look forward to wending forward on my journey, I think it will be very helpful indeed, thanks hon’, xx

  2. Isn’t it fascinating? I’d love to read the NASA stuff you mention — might have to google that. Please do let us know what book she recommends; I’d like to get it myself 🙂

    • It sooo is! The NASA research I mentioned is going back to when I was a lot younger and did not have access to the internet in those days, so I just did a quick search…
      Here’s a link from back in 1981, but I reckon you’re still gonna have some fabulous geek-out moments reading it!

      Click to access 19810017132_1981017132.pdf

      It’s a NASA authored lit’ review and includes how electromagnetic fields affect human bodies (and really small parts of bodies), how the body affects their course, why Qi Gong teachers are correct when they say to keep your rubber soled shoes on so that your feet are not electrically in contact with the ground, and how the electromagnetic effects of lining up molecules in the body (which relates to the information I was given about how my diagnosing MRI scan worked). Sooo coool!
      If I manage to source more on the fields around the body I’ll let you know, I never did have a copy way back when and it’s been yeeaaars, now!
      I will let you know about the book, too, xxx

  3. Wonderful post as always! I too am thrilled by the NASA research and want the book title and any future research you come up with in this area! I’m suggesting a great number of ideas and techniques that could be considered “wafty and hippy-ish” in my book because, gol darn it, they work, but I am trying to provide some scientific backing when I can… I still haven’t given up hope that chi gong if not chi gong and tai chi may be able to be incorporated into my RSD/CRPS management, though I’ve failed so far (it has been a pain flare trigger as yet). You inspire me to keep up my hopes and try again when I’ve stabilized more; maybe next summer (hope springs eternal…) 😉

    • Thanks Lovely Lili, I want to hunt down the research that occurred after NASA’s lit’ review, I will search again when I have got the study deadline and hospital tests out of the way. I’ll keep you posted on research and book info’, of course, xx

      I cannot express how excited I am about your book, it will be sooo supremely useful in sooo many ways to sooo many people. I look forward to placing the book in pride of place on my bookshelves. Then my dream is to come and see you in person so that I can have my copy signed 😉

      I hope that one fair day you get to try a little more of the Qi Gong and Tai Chi that you love. Perhaps if you mentally label some small energy work as Tai Chi and Qi Gong related, it can get you involved in your wishes without physical strain. I love the way all are included in Tai Chi, no matter what our restrictions are, it’s a case of just doing what we can. The really cool thing is the knowledge that practising it in our heads still strengthens those neural pathways as if we are actually doing it, I know you’re superb at that, so I guess when we’re stuck we can make an imagined arm movement, then when it feels pretty realistic we can add a step, or a movement to the other imagined arm etc. I do that when I’m stuck somewhere with nothing to distract me… I was going through the 88 Form in my head whilst waiting at the dentist’s the other day! Probably gave me a disturbing expression, tee hee 😉

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