National Health Blog Post Month

Well, let’s be realistic here…. health issues, studying and brain loss meant that I was unable to post each day for the ’30 posts in 30 days’ challenge back in April. In fact I lasted all of 6 blog posts into the challenge then my brain sputtered into uselessness on day 7! As it takes me so long for work through the 30 post suggestions I also write other relevant posts in between, which just makes it take even longer to get through the 30 posts! I’m one stubborn bunny though. I’ve still got more to write about from April, but I’m getting there! 😉

And now it’s November and WEGO have set a similar challenge, making this National Health Blog Post Month for us health bloggers. I want to do it, although I know I can’t do it in the 30 days. I had to face up to the reality back in April that my health won’t let me post every day without keeling over  But that’s the point…. I’m a health blogger. I blog around my health. My conditions are a major issue and they certainly don’t affably fade into the background to let me get on with things without them. My brain stops working if I try to use it too often. Some days I will be too faint to stay upright or think straight. Some days my pain will be through the roof. Some days I will be able to write. For a short while anyway.

The point is, I don’t give up, but an important part of my everyday life is the sensible ‘pacing’ of activity that allows me to have some kind of everyday life as much as possible, even if it’s just getting washed, dressed and making my own cup of tea. If I force myself beyond what my body can cope with, I will pay a hefty price. So I do what I can when I can, and I accept that some days I cannot write and it’s best for me to rest so that my brain can recover more quickly. Such is life when living with a chronic condition, and I know it works, so I’m sticking with it, x

Writing the blog is really important to me, though. I created it because I wanted to share the information that I’d found. If someone else had been able to do that for me it would have saved me many years of slowly discovering these things and it would have helped me to develop ways of balancing my activity with my conditions much sooner. But this blog has become a part of me in the few months since it’s creation. It means more to me than I can find the words to express as I sit here in the evening with a tired brain! I always said that if this blog helps just one person then it will have been worth it, and yet the responses I have received have been more than I ever would  have imagined. The heartfelt words from readers have touched my heart and let the tears run a little. The connections, the warmth, the strength, the humour and the big hearts of the readers I have met would restore anyone’s faith in the human race. There is far more to writing a health blog than meets the eye. It’s personal in more ways than just me sharing… readers share back. We are a community with shared understanding. Writing a health blog is more heart warming than you might imagine, and a lot more fun than you might expect 😉

Back in April I posted about why I write online here. It’s one of my more heartfelt moments of writing. If you fancy it, you can give it a read and let me know what you think 🙂

Love and hugs to you all, x

What do you think of this post? Elle and the Auto Gnome welcome feedback, x

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