An insomniac moment of poetry


Sat downstairs awake once more,
Listening to the upstairs snore,
Restful in my sleeplessness,
Knowing he, at least, will wake refreshed, xx

Tomorrow is another day,
And through it I will make my way,
With outings of unusual type,
Then home to see my friend on Skype, xx

All is good despite the stealth,
Of worsening and scary health,
I live my life with joys I find,
You’re in my heart and in my mind, xx
Those I love keep me going,
So you see, through this poem,..
My heart leads me through each day,
In the joy of love that lights my way, xx

Good ole sofa and laptop combination!

After writing this I wandered upstairs to bed to give the ‘sleep’ thing a go. Whilst I was lying there trying to convince my body to go into uber-relax mode I remembered that the lovely Carly had done the same thing, as she posted her own poem on here one night when she also could not sleep. (Carly’s poem is in the comments section on this link for you to read and it is beautifully positive).
I write the occasional poem, but I don’t do it seriously, just for a bit of fun, or as an outlet. It’s a great way to get our emotions out. Sometimes we manage to say in a poem what we’d struggle to say otherwise. And the way a poem has an ending gives us a current summation point that we just don’t often get to experience in the middle of our ongoing lives. It breaks up the relentlessness into more manageable and simplified chunks. Sometimes it may even be easier to give our loved ones an insight into the personal experience of our conditions through poetry, it tends to cut to the chase and trim away all the extras.
Why not try it yourself? Whether you are living with a condition or not, whether you’ve met me in the 3D world or online, whether you want to write a poem about deep and meaningful stuff or about the simple joys of tea and sunshine. The style, length etc can be whatever feels right, why not give it a whirl?
And if you post your poems in the comments sections below I’ll collect them together and publish them in a post on this blog, accredited to the names you choose to give. I love the idea of a readers’ poetry post 😀
Love to you all from me, x

2 thoughts on “An insomniac moment of poetry

  1. Elle!!! I was so honored that you thought of me and mentioned my poetry in this post!!! I LOVE the poem you wrote! So positive!!! I love the line “Tomorrow is another day”! It reminds me that we can let go of all the baggage and pain of the past and the hope that everyday is a new beginning with new opportunities and possibilities!! The sky is the limit!!! I am actually working (starting this morning) on making that poem I posted into a song!!! Once I have it finished, or a rough cut I will send it to you! I LOVE MUSIC! AND… science has shown that positive uplifting music can alter a persons mood in a positive way and create good feelings!! I love using poetry as an outlet and love your idea about a readers poetry post!! Cant wait to see what others come up with!! AS ALWAYS, I sincerely enjoy reading your posts and the friendship that we have established online! You bring me hope and joy every week!! 😀 xoxo Carly

    • Working on turning your poem into a song? Wow, that’s impressive stuff Carly. I love it! Even more so as your poem ends on such a lovely positive note. I look forward to listening to it 😀
      Big hugs and lotsa love from me, xoxox

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