My Dream Day…

I started writing this a while ago, before the study deadline crept closer and took up most of my upright-time! So the first part is from before I started my helpful meds, (I’ll write a post on them once they’ve reached their optimum effect, x).

When I awoke this morning it was a good day. Magic Dude kindly brought me a cup of tea and I propped myself up just enough so that I could drink the tea without spluttering. For the first time in a long time, moving from the horizontal to the propped-up did not result in a crazily fast heart-rate. I could sit and enjoy my tea and begin the day with less symptoms.

The day continued to be good when we went to the supermarket, and after 10 minutes I did not experience unbelievably bad nausea. In fact, I succeeded in completing the full food-shopping trip. By the time we were queuing up I felt lightheaded, but waaay less than usual, and I felt nauseous but it was bearable. I could not believe that I was walking to the car aware of my surroundings and of what was going on. I did not need to be guided safely to the car for once.

When we got home I helped to unpack the shopping, I got the laptop out, and then the bad stuff began. I had to crouch down to get the printer, and with near-fainty symptoms that’s really bad idea. Despite moving slowly and carefully, the mere act of crouching and standing a few times resulted in my collapsing into the nearest armchair while some tweeting birdies flapped around my head.

That was it for my good day.

Now, a couple of hours later, I am propped up in bed with my laptop for company.

Now I might be thinking along a wonk here, but this doesn’t sound much like a dream day even for me! Perhaps I need to set my sights higher and get imagining. Oooh, now we’ve opened the field right up! But then again, stuff that seems normal to other people now seems to be amazing to me, so I don’t think I’m the best person to assess what is amazing anymore! Most people’s normal nice days seem just as impossible to me as if I was wishing to become an intergalactic art teacher or something. For me, ridiculous imaginings include going out, going on holiday, seeing the people that I love the most who I have been missing.

So… (writing this a few weeks later after my study deadline has passed 😉 )… first of all my dream day would last at least a week! Yep, it’s one of those wishing for more wishes things, but with an poor attempt at capping it. As if that’s gonna make it any less daft!

I would go to a concert with Magic Dude and I would dance around gleefully without hurting. In fact this concert would be abroad in some gorgeous old town set within some beautiful sweeping landscape which we could explore and hang out together in. There would be an abundance of veggie restaurants in the town that served low-key flavours. (Or maybe my tastebuds would be ‘normal’? Yeah, I like that idea)! And we’d stay in a spacious hotel with a memory foam mattress and a huge bathtub that I could relax in.

I would spend a day doing nothing but art. I think I’d save the drawing and painting and get stuck in to some claywork instead, because that’s harder for me to do these days. Some really big pieces. And maybe create some big gorgeous art critters to lurk joyfully in my hypothetical garden. But wait, I’ve capped it at a week and I’d love to do something crazily physical too, like swinging through trees on ropes (!), or doing some fast martial arts, or trying my legs at long- and high-jump again. Oooooh, so much I’d like to do!

I would have a gathering with my friends. In fact I’d have multiple gatherings. I’d have a schoolfriends gathering, and a uni’ gathering in our old uni’ town where we would wander, natter and revisit our old ‘haunts’. I’d get to meet in person the most amazing international friends who I’ve met online as a result of having my health conditions. And I’d have a big fancy dress party for eeeevryone in some big old country house where everyone could stay for the weekend.

The sun would shine, but it wouldn’t be too hot. The wind would be gentle, just enough to stir our fancy dress costumes and thus any capes. 😉 Any rain would be light, fine, refreshing and brief. I would take an inordinate amount of photo’s which I could frame and display so that I smile every time I see them. Of course I’d have won the lottery, too, so that I could buy a house with walls that I could actually fit some picture frames on without it looking really cluttered! Which would mean that I could also have a garden to put the artwork in, and rooms for friends to stay in when they visit again in the future. As well as really good healthcare, of course. 😉

Ahhhhhhhh. Dream….dream….dream…!


1 thought on “My Dream Day…

  1. That’s such a wonderful dream day/week that it brings tears of wistful joy into my eyes 🙂 Keep thinking of it. You never know. Stranger things have, indeed, happened.

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