CRPS Olympic torchbearer and her faithful companion

Today Wendy Morrell carries the Olympic torch along part of its journey through Weymouth on the south coast of England.

Wendy has had CRPS since her youth and has been a shining example of inspiring patients with her determination to still enjoy life, even competing in archery tournaments at a national level.

Of course we never know what is around the corner in life, and sometimes things come straight out of left field. Wendy was training for the Barcelona Paralympics when she was hit in the head by a discus. The impact resulted in brain injury and epilepsy in addition to the pre-existing CRPS. After rehab’ she found that her concentration and short-term memory had been significantly affected and as a result her way of life had to be adjusted accordingly.

But, as I say, we never know what is around the corner and surprises can also be blummin’ lovely. A new lease of life was brought her way in the form of doggy help and companionship courtesy of ‘Dogs for the Disabled’ based in Oxford in the south of England. Her first dog, Caesar, enabled her to live life more independently again, and her current companion, Udo, will be by her side as she carries the torch today.

Wendy does wonderful work travelling the world speaking at conferences to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. She has also been an advisor to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. She is an inspiration and an absolute trooper through all that life has thrown at her. I hope she has a fabulous day today and creates some more lovely memories to carry around the world with her.

Love to all you amazing, shining people out there, x

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