Amazing CRPS patient carries Olympic torch today

One thing that many of us CRPS patients find hard is when we meet or hear about someone much younger than us having to live with the disease. I have spoken to a few teenagers with CRPS online and, oh-my, they are astounding! The positivity and energy they bring to living their lives despite the disease is admirable beyond description. Many of us talk about things we’ve done and inevitably end the story with “…but that was before I had CRPS, of course.” So to think of having even less time before the condition became a part of our daily lives, less time before we had to find out how strong we really could be. Our hearts go out to all of our fellow patients, but something extra goes ‘twang’ in our hearts for our young fellow patients.

George Coppen is one of the people selected to carry the Olympic torch further on its journey around the UK today. He is a shining example of the strength and determination that teenagers amaze us with. He achieves fantastic involvement in life and sports despite the CRPS pain in his legs.

Rather than give in to the pain, George is an inspiration in his involvement in sports, getting involved in any way he can. He referees the occasional basketball game, competes year after year in the World Dwarf Games, having also competed in the National Games held by the Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSAuk) since he was pre-school age, and he is pretty darn good at… wheelchair slaloming. Yep, you read that right! I had trouble even functioning in a wheelchair (pathetic girl-arms was my excuse) and I never even had the courage to try ickle wheelies in it, so … slaloms?… Crikey!

Hats off to George 🙂

He also encourages others, which is what makes me grin all the more. That’s one remarkable young man, for sure.

So today, look out for him in Derby if you’re nearby, and cheer him on from afar if you’re not. Coz there’s a fellow patient out there, carrying the torch despite the pains it will cause him. I hope he has a fab’ day and that gets to grin every time he remembers it. He deserves to be a part of this year’s Olympic events, and I’m sure you’ll join me in cheering him on from here, too. 😀


4 thoughts on “Amazing CRPS patient carries Olympic torch today

  1. Yes you are perfectly right: I’m also very surprised with teenagers and kids dealing with this and a big “HOURRA keep on wheeling Georges”….an inspiration 😉

  2. Super POST!! I have CRPS in my whole bodyl is it a very hard disease, i have lots of traumas’ behind me because of this diseaes, there is, no/non understanding from docters,family friends,, All my friends are gone, i had lots. There are many lonely ,and painfully moments, mentally and physically. I hope there come’s more money for help and reseacrch !!!! I am very proud,very very proud when i read this article. many regards from Els Vos from The Netherlands.

    • Thank-you so much Els, I am so glad that you like what I write on here. It is dreadful that even our doctors don’t understand our condition, it shouldn’t be that we end up having to train them! I wanted to help my fellow patients so that’s how this blog came about. The starting point was my ‘What is CRPS?’ page and then it grew from there. Many of us have lost people close to us, and so it is all the more wonderful that our fellow patients are so loving and big-hearted. I may have ended up with CRPS, but I just keep meeting beautiful souls like yourself as a result, and that is a beautiful and heart-warming experience. Big hug from me, hon’, xox

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