Olympic Torchbearers Relay, 2012

Today the Olympic torch started it’s journey from Lands End in Cornwall on the most South West tip of the UK. Many torchbearers will take their turn at carrying it a little further on it’s journey all around the country. All have been nominated for reasons of strength either in their own illness, or in selfless giving to a cause or community.

Here are three of the people bearing the torch today…

Kenneth Johnson will carry the torch through St Austell. He has raised lots of money for a project on MS after one of his children’s teachers had to give up work as a result of the condition.

Sophia Cowburn will be carrying the torch through Liskeard. At the young age of 18 she has not only had to cope with her twin brother’s suicide as a result of depression, but she has started a charity and been doing lots of fundraising as a result. All whilst studying for a degree and holding down two jobs, as well. She has been described as ‘a truly inspirational teenager’, and deservedly so.

Carrying the torch through Plymouth is Chris Theobold, who not only has ME, but is also a carer for his wife and a volunteer for the Association for Young People with ME.

All three torchbearers include a focus on sports either for fundraising or health reasons. I hope that everyone enjoys their experience today, and a big cheer to all those fabulously strong inspirational people that we each know all around the world.


What do you think of this post? Elle and the Auto Gnome welcome feedback, x

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