Pictorial beauty and magic moments

I’ve just been browsing some of the latest updates to flickr.com and I thought I’d share a couple with you as they are so beautiful.

This photo’ is of the sea at the shoreline, with the motion of the water blurred in movement to create a wonderful sense of looking at the world from a different point of view. The photographer, Rob Dickinson, has chosen to keep the seaweed in the foreground in focus, giving us viewers a sense of stillness despite the movement of the water. A pure moment in time.

To me it suggests almost a detached point of view. Not one where the detachment denotes a lack of emotional connection, but one where we detach from the distracting high frequency and pressingly urgent, humdrum mundanities of our day-to-day modern lives. It’s a depiction of one of those moments where you look up from your cup of tea, feel the breeze coming in through the open window and suddenly notice the birdsong behind the traffic noise. Those moments lift your soul. They remind you of the beauty in the world, and they refuel your inner self.

I love this pic’, thanks for sharing it, Rob.

The other photo’ that stood out as I browsed, was posted by Fabi Flores and it spoke to me in a very different way. This photo’ does not speak to me of the now, but of the lost past. Of childhood carefree days before we grew up and got serious. The sunlight is aged, nostalgic and beautiful. But the swing seat is empty. Those times are gone. Looking at this pic’ makes my heart swell in remembrance, but it is tinged with a sadness of what is an unregainable past. We have grown up, and yes we toil and fret, but we carry those warming memories with us like sparks at our centre that keep the fire burning.

And when we return our thoughts to reality, to the present day, we still have those beautiful detaching moments where we breathe in the world and smile over our steaming cuppas. Present-day life is not so bad. It’s all part of our journey, and the journey is scattered with glorious mini-moments to be noticed and savoured.

Thanks Rob and Fabi for sharing your pictures, x

What do you think of this post? Elle and the Auto Gnome welcome feedback, x

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