Health Time Capsule

WEGO Health Activist Writers Month Challenge: Day 1

Ooooh, what to put in a time capsule? If an intrigued archaeologist, (or maybe some random site manager overseeing some building work), stumbled across my capsule on a dig in 2112, then I would need to wrap up the whole 2012 Dysautonomia ‘experience’ for them in a few small items.

I can’t assume that some retro-geek would be on hand to access the information left on an external hard-drive or CD. The information would almost definitely have corrupted by then, anyway. So I’m going with good old fashioned writing with a pen. And a really good water-tight seal!

I’d include my ‘What is…?’ pages from my blog, so they could see my understanding of CRPS and Dysautonomia at the time that I was alive. Back in the day! (‘Born in the 1970’s? That’s over a millennia ago! Cor.’)

And perhaps a couple of diary-style entries of what my days were like. The symptoms I experienced, which were not reduced because most doctors lack training in this area of dysfunction. The severity of symptoms experienced, owing to meds not being prescribed, despite the meds existence at the time. How silly it will seem to future generations!

I’d want to include some personal stuff, to make it more real and individual. Perhaps my medical bracelet, which I’m currently in the process of creating. With it’s engraved legend, “Autonomic Dysfunction. CRPS. No PCN. See wallet.” People might marvel at the thought of medical information not being readily available in case of accidents. And on it are my little bracelet charms. I wonder if they’ll understand the reason for having a spoon charm?!

The tag that will become part of my bracelet

And then there’s the things that make me who I am. Not just my condition. Maybe a little list of my achievements, that’ll show what kind of things count as ‘achievements’ to someone with these symptoms. Like managing to water the garden, and then being chuffed that I remembered the lid for my coffee cup so that I actually got coffee into my mouth instead of tremoring it all over the unappreciating lavender bush!

And maybe even what I managed to achieve academically. I may be disabled, but I have a brain… I can be useful. Kinda. Eventually. Given an unspecified amount of time, tea and hot water bottles!

But also the really personal stuff. A picture of my boyfriend, who is there for me through thick and thin and who knows almost as much about my condition as I do! (‘Look at his hair, Mum! Did people really used to go around looking like that?’). (‘What’s that on his top?’ ‘What’s ‘Metallica’ mean, Mum?’). Also some of the pictures and messages that my friends have sent that mean the world to me, and they show an extra dimension to my life and loves. The people I love are the people that keep me going. Their love, consideration, comments, jokes and willingness to embrace my silliness is like fuel for my soul. So the 2112 capsule riflers have definitely got to know about these people. And they also need to know that most of the contact was through the internet because these conditions result in isolation. Back in the day. When the internet was accessed manually with keyboards!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2112 local news report would be a chuckly one at the end of the 3D hologramatic programme. The time span would be so great that empathising would be quite difficult. ‘Most doctors were unaware of how to treat these conditions, there were medications available that were never employed because the doctors just weren’t trained in this area.’ ‘Of course, that was before stem cell treatments became the norm.’ ‘Nowadays, everyone knows about the dangers of using ice. And people are given lots of vitamin C after injuries and surgeries to avoid developing CRPS in the first place. If a small number of people actually do develop it, there’s always stem cell treatment to fix it before it becomes permanent.’ ‘These days we can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer daily from something so simple.’ ‘It must’ve been a hard life’ ‘Aw’. Poor us!

Ah bless. The future people have it good! 🙂

But maybe with a bit more blogging, a bit more getting info’ out to doctors, and bit more awareness generally, just maybe, we could bring that future a little closer, x

What do you think of this post? Elle and the Auto Gnome welcome feedback, x

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