Chinese New Year Celebrations

As the Chinese Year of the Dragon began on Monday the 23rd January, there was an event in my local town to celebrate. It’s organised by the local Chinese association every year and it’s been held in a different place each time I’ve been to see it.

The first year that I went along still rates as the best, for me. First-time atmosphere, getting out of the house is always good (woo-hoo!), plus I was attempting standing up for a while, pretending to be ‘normal’, hehe. And it happened to be on valentine’s day that year, so it was kinda romantic, too!

I love the atmosphere and the community vibe. It’s great to be a part of an event which brings all ages and cultures together. But my favourite bit is the Lion Dance. The skill shown by the local Kung Fu and Lion Dance team is amazing, and so fab’ to watch.

The Mayor paints the main lion’s eyes for luck, then the drum and firecrackers ‘wake’ the lion and the dance begins….Rawr! The noise of the lions and more firecrackers is to drive away evil and bring good luck for the new year.

A pic' from my first year of seeing this event

Then the dragon arrives and legs it round a few times!

There’s tradition behind all the action. At one point the lion clambers up a frame, trying to reach a tempting vegetable. (I know, lions eating veg’ is suspect, but it’s tradition)! Then, when he’s got the lettuce, (hurrah), he chomps it up and scatters some pieces to his left, then some to his right, then some to the middle…to scatter prosperity in all directions.

There are various musical presentations and dances, followed by the grand finale, which is a parade through town. I’ve never been able to stand up long enough to see it, but it would be cool if I could manage it one year as it’d probably be a chance to get some close-up piccies of the action.

The dragon starting the parade off into town.

Last year I had a lovely view of some scaffolding in the background!

Cropping the scaffolding out of last year's pic's!

And this year it was indoors, hurrah for warmth! The cold makes the CRPS pain so much worse. But it meant that only one lion could dance in an area slightly larger than the head of a pin! I love the big displays in the larger areas, personally. But it’s becoming a yearly tradition for my man and I, so if one lion dances in a shopping centre, we’re there.

Lion dancing in a tiny space for crowds watching from ground, 1st and 2nd floors!

And we may be warmer indoors, but hugging take-away coffees is now traditional, too!

T’other half has to work today, so we left early. Fortunately (?) it worked out beautifully coz I ended up feeling really faint and needed to leave early, anyway. So at least my health wasn’t dragging him away from the fun.

So here I am, at home, bed, laptop, no longer on the verge of passing out (wahey!), but still feeling weird (booo)! So I’m writing to youse instead of attempting anything on my ‘to do’ list. Now I think it’s time for tea and a biccie!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Hope the year of the dragon is lucky for us all  😉


2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Celebrations

  1. Happy New Year to you as well: my martial arts school has been preforming the Lion dances/Kung-fu all over Long Island, NY. I love this time of year at our school. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Fantastic! I’d love to be able to learn faster martial arts, but as the body won’t allow I shall appreciate the amazing skills that you and others have instead and keep working away at my Tai Chi 🙂 Thanks for your comment, btw, as I am new to this you are the first person to do so and you made me grin!

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